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Search engine optimisation (SEO) describes the range of techniques that are used to improve a website’s rankings in search engine results. 

They are generally divided into two main categories being on-page SEO (relevancy) and off-page SEO (popularity).

On-page SEO includes techniques such as:

  • Metadata, including titles and descriptions – this is what search engine’s see and what they show in search results
  • URL structure – using keywords in the URLs for pages
  • Heading tags (H1, H2, etc.) in content
  • Alt-text in images/image SEO
  • Keyword density
  • Internal linking
  • Page loading speed
  • Page security

Off-page SEO involves techniques that are not conducted on your website, such as:

  • External link building.
  • Social media engagement and social sharing.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Listing in directories.

What we do

Search Engine Optimisation is essentially the process of boosting the quality and quantity of organic website traffic coming from search engines like Google. 

Through a wide range of tools, your SEO strategy can tell search engine crawlers what your business is about, meaning it will appear on the SERPs (search engine results pages) when users run relevant searches.

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Our SEO service is designed with a primary focus on the benefits it can bring to your business. Key benefits of the SOTS Portsmouth SEO service include:

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How our Portsmouth SEO Agency service works

We keep our SEO process simple, making sure you can make an informed choice that suits your current business model, budget and goals. 

Free Website Check
SOTS perform a FREE website performance ranking analysis to see how your website is currently performing.
Brief the Project
Project brief & keyword research to identify potential target markets and create a solid campaign.
Choose Package
We will offer you a range of options based on the target keywords, and you can select which works best for you.
We Begin!
We start the SEO process with our selection of on-site and off-site processes to improve your ranking.

Did you know?

Search Volume

Over 5.6 billion searches are completed each day.

Top Clicks

2/3 of all clicks are gained by the top 3 organic search results.

Page 1

Around 75% of users never venture beyond page 1 of Google.


SEO produces at least 10x as much organic traffic as social media.

Number 1

More than half of all marketers’ state that SEO is the #1 performing digital marketing tool.



Having engaged other digital marketing agencies in the past and finding themselves disappointed in the results of their efforts, Oh Video were understandably sceptical during our initial conversations but were swayed by our uncomplicated approach to SEO.

SEO Success

Ranking Boost

Within a few short months Page 1, Position 1 rankings had been obtained for OhVideo’s core services.

Enquiries Increase

New enquiries from a once dormant website began to generate real leads and projects for Oh Video.

Worth the Investment

Oh Video secured vital projects in challenging economic times which changed the dynamic of the business and allowing investment in areas of growth.


Frequently Asked Questions About Portsmouth SEO Services

Find out more about the SEO Services from SOTS and answeres to some of the most common questions about SEO. 

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” In simple terms, SEO means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in Google and other Search Engines.

Regardless of anything you may have heard through mouthpieces in the marketplace, blogs, or marketing platforms, SEO is not a complicated process and should not be shrouded in smoke and mirrors.

The whole purpose of SEO is to outrank your competitors for the products or services that you provide, so that when a potential client takes to the search engine tapping in those vital keywords that best define your business, you are found.

This gives you, statistically, the first opportunity to engage that potential new customer and a higher chance to secure a sale or enquiry.

If so, it’s highly likely that you, or your digital marketing agency, may be getting it slightly wrong.

SEO should not be a confusing process; it is simply using a combination of authoritative and engaging content along with an organic popularity building service.

When conducted effectively by a knowledgeable expert, SEO should yield solid, long lasting ranking gains.

Once a month we will send you a ranking report which details each of your keywords and their current ranking positions. From there, you can compare with previous reports to see the improvement.

You can also go old school, open a Google window, search for your keywords, and scroll to see your ranking position.

Yes. We have experts in each field of digital marketing who will be the sole people you deal with. We believe it is best for the customer if you speak to the same person throughout the entire process. But you can speak to any of the team at any time to get the information you need. 

This can depend on several factors. We expect to start to see results within 3-6 months for a standard campaign and website. New build websites may take slightly longer.

However, it is important to remember, SEO is a long-term project, and you may not see results straight away but it will be worth it. 

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