IT Consultancy

At SOTS, our IT Consultancy services are designed to empower businesses with strategic technology solutions and expert guidance. We aim to support your business in performing at it's best through the use of effective IT systems and technologies.

Strategic IT Consultancy for Your Business Success

SOTS understand that technology plays a pivotal role in achieving your goals and staying competitive.

Our expert IT consultants are here to provide tailored guidance and solutions that will help you navigate the complex world of technology, making it a driver for your business success.

If you’re looking to assess your existing systems for capacity or growth potential then our IT Consultancy service is ideal for you. 

Why Choose IT Consultancy from SOTS

Strategic Technology Planning

Our IT consultancy services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your business objectives. We help you align technology strategies with your long-term goals.

Cost Efficiency

Get the advice and guidance you need to make informed technology choices and investments that optimise costs and improve efficiency.

Enhanced Security

Strengthen your cyber security by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing proactive security measures.

Business Continuity

Plan for unforeseen disruptions with robust disaster recovery and business continuity strategies and plans.

Innovation and Growth

Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and options to drive innovation, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead in your industry.

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Our IT Consultancy service offers your business a chance to look into your current systems and provide feedback and recommendations for your business. 

Why CHoose SOTS?

IT Consultancy from SOTS

Why choose SOTS for your IT Consultancy needs? 


Our consultants bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Customised Service

We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our approach is designed to understand and meet your specific business needs.

Strategic Benefits

Benefit from our partnerships with leading technology providers for access to cutting-edge software, hardware and more.

All under one roof

Our wide range of IT & Marketing services helps streamline your business's supplier list and helps unify the approach on all digital fronts.

it consultancy

Frequently Asked Questions about IT Consultancy

Find out your answers to some of the most frequently asked questions around IT Consultancy and your business. 

IT consultancy involves providing expert guidance and advice on various IT-related issues, including technology adoption, system optimisation, and IT strategy.

Much like assessing any part of your business, IT Consultancy helps you reflect on and evaluate your current IT setup and future requirements. IT consultancy will help your business make informed technology decisions, improve efficiency, and align IT strategies with organisational goals.

IT consultancy can lead to cost savings, improved productivity, enhanced security, and better strategic planning, ultimately contributing to business growth.

Yes, we tailor our IT consultancy services to meet your specific business needs and challenges, ensuring a personalised approach.

Simply contact us to discuss your IT needs and challenges. We'll work with you to create a tailored IT consultancy plan to address your specific requirements.

Call: 0800 1017 150

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