Application Management

At SOTS, our comprehensive approach to application management ensures that your software operates seamlessly, securely, and is always aligned with your evolving business needs.

Application Management from SOTS

As organisations support hybrid and remote workforces, they’re challenged with managing the different devices that access organisation resources.

Employees need to collaborate, work from anywhere, and securely access and connect to these resources. Admins need to protect organisation data, manage end user access, and support users from wherever they work.

This is where Application Management from SOTS comes in to play!

44% of UK workers currently work remotely in 2023, which is made up of 16% full-time remote workers, and 28% hybrid workers (who split their time between home and the office).

Why Choose Application Management from SOTS?

At SOTS, our Application Management Service simplifies the management of users and devices, offering a comprehensive range of features and benefits.

With a user-friendly approach, we enable you to efficiently manage devices, including those owned by your organisation and personally owned ones.

Our service supports various operating systems, including Android, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), iOS/iPadOS, Linux Ubuntu Desktop, macOS, and Windows client devices. With this service, you can confidently connect to these devices to securely access organisational resources with custom policies.

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Key Features & Benefits

Seamless App Management

We streamline app management by providing a built-in app experience. This encompasses app deployment, updates, and removal, all with an easy-to-use interface. You can connect to and distribute apps from your private app stores, enable Microsoft 365 apps, deploy Win32 apps, create app protection policies, and efficiently manage access to apps and their data.

Policy Automation

Application Management Service automates policy deployment for apps, security, device configuration, compliance, conditional access, and more. Once policies are prepared, you can effortlessly deploy them to user groups and device groups. Devices only require internet access to receive and implement these policies.

Enhanced Security

Our service integrates seamlessly with mobile threat defence services, including Malwarebytes. This enhanced security focus allows you to create policies that respond to threats, perform real-time risk analysis, and automate remediation.

Application Management is only one piece in the remote worker puzzle...

Our IT Support is ideal for workforces spread out over a number of locations. From nationwide offices to remote workers, our IT Support is unique in that it supports the user, so wherever they are, they will get the support they need. 

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