Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

Cyber Essentials Certification - Protect Your Business from Digital Threats

The importance of safeguarding your business from cyber threats cannot be overstated. Cyberattacks can disrupt operations, compromise sensitive data, and damage your reputation.

That’s where Cyber Essentials certification comes in! SOTS is your trusted partner in achieving this certification and fortifying your business against online risks.

What Is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed certification program designed to help businesses, both large and small, bolster their cybersecurity defences. Attaining this certification demonstrates your commitment to protecting your organisation and its digital assets.

Just 6% of UK businesses had Cyber Essentials certification in 2022, and 1% have Cyber Essentials Plus certification – this is largely due to low awareness of the schemes.

The Benefits of Cyber Essentials Certification

Enhanced Security

Achieving Cyber Essentials certification means implementing fundamental cyber security measures that safeguard your business against common online threats. This includes securing your internet connection, securing devices and software, and controlling access to your data and services.

Business Continuity

By fortifying your cyber security, you reduce the risk of cyberattacks disrupting your business operations. A robust cyber security framework ensures continuity, even in the face of threats.

Customer Confidence

Displaying the Cyber Essentials badge reassures your clients and partners that you take their data and privacy seriously. This can lead to increased trust and potential new opportunities.

Regulatory Compliance

Cyber Essentials can help your business meet regulatory requirements and data protection standards. Compliance is essential, not just for legal reasons, but also to uphold your reputation.

Tender for Government Contracts

If you would like to bid for central government contracts which involve handling sensitive and personal information or the provision of certain technical products and services, you will require Cyber Essentials Certification.

Want to get Cyber Essentials for your business?

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How will SOTS keep my business secure?

Our Expertise in Cyber Essentials will give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your business.

Our Cyber Essentials & Cyber Security range synergise perfectly with our IT Support offering. You can find out more about our IT Support services via the link below. 

Cyber Essentials Experts

SOTS is your ideal partner in achieving Cyber Essentials certification. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are well-versed in Cyber Essentials & cyber security best practices. We have a deep understanding of the certification process.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Team

Our team have the experience, knowledge and qualifications required to advise and protect your business. With decades of experience between them, you can tap into their knowledge anytime to help support your business.

We're also ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 is the leading standard for information security management systems (ISMS) and certification means we manage risks related to the security of data to the highest standard.

IT Support & Security Together

At SOTS we are uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive Cyber Security service alongside our expert IT Support. This synergy means you have one place to go for all of your business's digital needs, saving you time and money.

Cyber Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions about Cyber Essentials

Find out your answers to some frequently asked questions about Cyber Essentials and your business. 

Cyber Essentials certification is a UK government-backed initiative designed to help businesses, both large and small, enhance their cyber security measures. It focuses on implementing fundamental security controls to protect against common online threats, such as malware, phishing, and other cyberattacks.

Cyber Essentials certification offers several advantages. It demonstrates your commitment to cyber security, instills confidence in your clients and partners, helps you meet regulatory requirements, and improves the resilience of your business in the face of cyber threats. It's a proactive step to protect your digital assets and maintain business continuity.

SOTS is your trusted partner in achieving Cyber Essentials certification. Our team of experienced cyber security professionals will guide you through the certification process, ensuring that your business meets the required security standards. We offer tailored solutions, ongoing support, and the expertise needed to fortify your online defences and secure your certification.

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