Case Study

Oh Video

Having engaged other digital marketing agencies in the past and been disappointed in the results, Oh Video was swayed by our uncomplicated approach to SEO.
Case Study

Patrick, the owner of OhVideo, had experienced frustration with various digital strategies that yielded limited success. Despite continuous content creation and website amendments, his efforts to improve Google rankings were falling short. Disappointed by previous engagements with digital marketing agencies, he approached our initial conversations with skepticism. However, SOTS offered a straightforward approach to SEO that convinced Patrick to give it another shot.

SOTS explained that the SEO process, contrary to what Patrick had heard before, could be simplified.

We emphasised the importance of adhering to Google’s best practices, establishing a website as an authoritative and trustworthy source of relevant information in its field, and gaining algorithmic popularity. These factors, we explained, were the keys to achieving and sustaining higher rankings.

With SOTS at the helm, tangible results began to surface within just a few months. OhVideo’s core services secured:

Page 1 – Position 1 rankings

Inquiries started flowing in from a previously dormant website.

This turnaround was especially significant given the challenging economic climate. The newfound revenue allowed Patrick to make crucial investments in business growth and pursue plans that would have otherwise been delayed.

More About Oh Video

Choosing the right – and the best – video production company for your foray into film should be something you consider carefully. At Oh! Video Ltd, you will have the answers to all of your questions, such as ‘what are your production values?’, ‘do you care about my company?’ and ‘do our two cultures mix well?’


Services Provided
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

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