Audio Branding from SOTS presents your business the opportunity to create professional sounding audio on your phone system and open up untapped potential to advertise your services.

Audio Branding Services from SOTS

Audio Branding creates a unique user experience that resonates with your customers and callers. Tailored to fit your brand, Audio Branding offers opportunities to build a professional brand reputation, inform callers about aspects of your business and market your services and products.


Scripts are the main components of your phone answering system, from the first stop for your callers to informing callers that all the lines are busy. We tailor each script to your brand’s needs and target audience.

On-hold Marketing

The On-hold Marketing is the perfect opportunity to advocate for your brand, we can craft a unique script for your brand, that can incorporated with music, to sell your company to callers waiting on hold. Whether you advertise services or products or promote your company’s experience, the possibilities are endless. 


You can select from a range of voices, from female or male to the accent the speaker has. Our service covers a broad range of voices from across the globe, so you can customise your system to your brand’s personality.

0:00 / 0:00
DEMO - On Hold Music
DEMO - All Lines Are Busy
DEMO - Out Of Hours
DEMO - Female Voice 01
DEMO - Female Voice 02
DEMO - Male Voice 01
DEMO - Male Voice 02

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We can offer advice and support on your social media, enabling you to increase your business’s online presence and impact with our experts. 

Our Audio Branding Packages

Get the flexibility you need from your Audio Branding with
our range of packages for all scales. 

Basic Package
*excl. VAT
Standard Package
*per user | excl. VAT
Premium Package
*per user

Not sure which package is best for your business?

Speak to the branding experts at SOTS and get the advice, guidance and support your business needs to make use of Audio in new and exciting ways. 

How the Audio Branding process works...

Collaboration is vital to create content that is engaging, accurate and informative for your followers and customers. 

Begin your journey with a personalised consultation. Our expert team will discuss your brand, target audience, and specific needs to tailor a scripted strategy that aligns with your business goals.
Sample Creation
Preview samples of proposed scripts and On-hold Marketing content before implementation. Provide feedback, request adjustments, and finalise your audio.
Collaborate with our team to finalise the scripts, ensuring they align seamlessly with your brand image and communication objectives. Gain confidence with our approval process, putting you in control of the content that represents your business.
Once approved, our team swiftly implements the agreed-upon changes. Seamless integration ensures that your phone answering system is always up-to-date.
Raise your business audio to the next level with Audio Branding from SOTS.

Harness the power of Audio Branding on your phone system, making use of untapped resources for promotion, informing customers and extending the reach of your brand. 

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