How can your business make the most of Social Media?

Social Media has a huge impact on our lives, I often wonder where we would be without it. The evolution of technology over time is advancing rapidly with new phones, applications and gadgets coming out constantly. Not only does Social Media have advantages including speedy communication, building relationships and allows us to communicate worldwide, however it also plays as a foreground for businesses to start from.

Worldwide, there are over 4.2 billion active Social Media users. On a daily basis we check our phones, refreshing our feeds and scrolling through applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and many more. Facebook is the most used Social Media platform with just over 2.85 billion monthly active users. Businesses should fully take advantage of Social Media as it is such an affordable and successful way to promote your brand.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lots of businesses collapsed. Some argue the virus killed our economy, however others see it from the side that it allowed us to appreciate small businesses as it gave them time to start. It also proved how much we can do online. From education, to work, to connecting with friends and family etc. We really saw the true power and effects of Social Media.

Benefits for businesses using Social Media include:

The ongoing problem businesses face on Social Media is time management. It is proven to be quite hard to keep up with and in order to be successful from it you do need to be consistent. Us here at Support on the Spot can actually manage Social Media Marketing for lots of different companies. We do the whole thing from start to finish in order to ensure our clients can focus on their business. This saves a lot of precious time and from feedback, we have found people find it extremely helpful! We make sure we engage with other businesses, respond to any comments, schedule posts and even design the posts for you!


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