Ahead of one of our largest technical upgrades to date,  two of the leading client companies we ongoingly support are going to be receiving a full upgrade of their systems, courtesy of Support on the Spot.

This upgrade of both their existing software and hardware aims to provide a more streamlined, reliable service for each and every user, as well as bringing their systems into 2020.

The main focus of the upgrade lies in the brand-new Windows Virtual Desktop Service (WVD), which boasts a new way to effectively keep up with the technical requirements of each user, without compromising security.

One of the main benefits of using WVD is that all users data is stored on Microsoft’s secure cloud, rather than individual computers, making the working experience faster and maximising accessibility, by allowing users to access their desktop from anywhere in the world.

However, we don’t stop there – We will be supplying each and every user with a new PC computer and 24-inch screen, helping each and every user make the most of Windows Virtual Desktop and in turn, their time in the office.

Support on the Spot will be handling the fitting and rollout of this hardware from start to finish, meaning users won’t have to lift a finger and the upgrade process will be seamless.  We’re looking to incorporate Windows Virtual Desktop more so into the services we provide, and invest in it more as we move forward, as it offers the best solution for almost all small to medium sized businesses to maximise their workflow.

For more information on how you can take advantage of this new streamlined work process in your business, give us a call at 0800 1017 150


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