Case Study

Streamline Search

We supply Streamline Search with a range of our comprehensive IT solutions to improve their business operations.
Case Study

Streamline Search is a specialist recruitment and search firm committed to providing high-caliber talent across various sectors, including Logistics, Construction, Manufacturing, Finance, and more.

SOTS supply Streamline Search with a range of our comprehensive IT solutions, such as: Internet, Hardware, Infrastructure (Microsoft Hosted AVD platform) and Microsoft 365 Licensing.

After upgrading Streamline Search’s internet, they experienced a significant improvement in operational efficiency, which helped to streamline workflows and increase productivity across their distributed workforce.

Our tailored approach to internet services, hardware, AVD platform deployment, and Office 365 licensing optimisation not only modernised their IT infrastructure but also positioned them for future scalability and growth.

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More on the services we offer Streamline Search

Internet Services Upgrade: Upgraded Client Internet’s internet connectivity to a high-speed, reliable network, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer across their distributed teams. We conducted an in-depth analysis of Client Internet’s IT environment, formulated a tailored implementation plan to align with their business objectives, and established key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring success.

Hardware Procurement: We understand the hardware needs of each business is different. Therefore, when we assisted in procuring modern hardware solutions tailored to their business needs.

Microsoft Hosted AVD Platform Deployment: Deployed a scalable virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution using Microsoft Hosted AVD, enabling secure access to critical applications and data from any device.

Microsoft Office 365 Licensing: Conducted a comprehensive audit of Office 365 licenses, optimised subscription plans based on user roles, and provided ongoing license management support.


By offering these services, we improved Streamline Search’s performance with high quality and powerful performance Hard  and enhanced their infrastructure. Additionally high-speed internet connectivity resulted in improved system performance, reduced latency, and facilitated seamless collaboration among remote teams.

Services Provided
  • Hardware
  • Internet
  • Microsoft 365 Licensing
  • Infrastructure (Microsoft Hosted AVD platform)

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