Case Study

Berkeley Scott

Leveraging our diverse skill sets, we collaborate with Berkeley Scott, providing a comprehensive range of services including IT Support, Marketing and more!
Case Study

About the client

Berkeley Scott is a recruitment agency specialising in hospitality, leisure, and catering industries. They excel in matching skilled candidates with top employers through rigorous screening, offering both temporary and permanent placements. Their success stems from personalised services and a strong commitment to understanding client needs.

IT Support

At SOTS, we support the user, not the device. We work very closely with the Berkeley Scott team to resolve their IT issues swiftly. Preventing disruptions and minimising downtime for all employees.

Digital Marketing

We collaborated closely with Berkeley Scott to enhance their existing website. Our team crafted and developed a new website, ensuring it perfectly mirrored their brand’s essence while enhancing user experience for job seekers. Additionally, we offer steadfast hosting services, always ensuring top-notch performance and responsiveness.

We also oversee the creation of blog content for Berkeley Scott’s website and implement effective strategies to enhance their online visibility and search engine rankings. This aims to strengthen Berkeley Scott’s digital footprint, attracting candidates and clients while consolidating their credibility within the recruitment industry.

Social Media Management

Understanding the critical importance of a strong online presence, SOTS works closely with our clients, placing their digital needs at the forefront. We craft high-quality content that stays closely tied to the business, ensuring each post remains relevant and contributes to retaining consumers’ interest.

We deliver thorough management and attentive care to Berkeley Scott’s social media platforms. Our services cover a wide array of responsibilities, such as:

  • Crafting Engaging Content
  • Active Community Engagement
  • Managing Initial Message Responses
  • Strategic Scheduling
  • Ensuring Strong Brand Representation

This extensive assistance is focused on maintaining Berkeley Scott’s online visibility and creating meaningful connections with their audience.


In today’s ever-changing tech world, Berkeley Scott knows how vital digital marketing is. But we’re not just about the new stuff! We get the importance of traditional marketing too. That’s why Berkeley Scott doesn’t just focus on digital—we cover all the print marketing needs and internal promos, like staff posters and business cards to give a complete marketing package that works together.

Services Provided
  • IT Support
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Print
  • Website Hosting

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